Revas Technologies designs and builds machines and equipments for forging plants. Reliable, sturdy and ergonomic, they are well-adapted to operate in the harshest conditions.

Products include cutting systems, ingot cars, mobile and rail-bound manipulators, free forging presses, press tooling (automatic hammer changing and storing).

The important experience gained over the years allows us to offer revamping and technological improvement services for existing machines too.

Automatic Band Saw Centers

Band saw machineries for round, square and polygonal ingots, rough-shaped and/or forged products and commercial steel bars.

Production program:

  • horizontal sawing machines - fixed portal - series SHS
    (from 700 mm to 1.500 mm);
  • horizontal sawing machines - gantry - light line - series SHG-L
    (from 1.000 mm to 2.000 mm);
  • horizontal sawing machines - gantry - heavy line - series SHG-H
    (from 2.500 mm to 4.000 mm).
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Mobile and rail-bound manipulators.

Mobile Manipulators (series REVAS MHM).
Lifting capacity from 1 to 50 tons.
Suitable for open-die forging operations and for ingot transfer from the preheating furnace to the press and from the press to the cooling warehouse.

Rail-bound manipulator (series REVAS MHR).
Lifting capacity from 6 to 60 tons. Designed to be the complementary working partner of computerized control forging presses.

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Four-column hydraulic presses ranging from 1.000 to 6.000 tons (series REVAS HFP). Equipped with mobile hammer carriages, automatic hammer changing systems, work cycle programming, interfacing with rail-bound manipulators, PLC regulation of dynamic magnitudes and strokes.
Revas Technologies is specialized in the upgrading of existing presses and in the supply of automatic hammer changing systems and relative accessories.