Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Plants

Revas Technologies designs and realizes a complete range of plants for steelmaking and continuous casting perfectly complying with Customers’ requirements in terms of performance, operation and product quality. The company supplies both complete and partial machineries and plants.

The range of products includes:

  • Electric Arc Furnaces and Ladle Furnaces
  • Casting Ladles and Scrap Charging Buckets
  • Ladle and Bucket Cars
  • Ladle Turrets
  • Lances for Steel Sampling and Temperature Measurement
  • Casting Tundishes
  • Continuous Casting Machines (billets, blooms, slabs, beam blanks)
  • Cutting Systems
  • Run-out Tables and Cooling Beds
  • Discharging Systems
  • Auxiliary Systems (fume dedusting, water treatment)
  • Process Automation